We have a website (121Connectors.com), which our discipleship connection volunteers use.  It allows us to connect evangelism site visitors who make a response (called inquirers) with a discipleship connector who speaks their language (called a 121Connector).  The software running the website had been in need of major revision to better accommodate communication needs, especially with people in the Far East and Middle East who use scripts not containing the English alphabet.  Think of 中文,한국어, 日本語, or العربية.

121Connectors softwareOur new software running the website was launched successfully on November 9th.  Some bugs were detected, but we have been able to fix most of them rather quickly.  The new system is much easier to use and helps lay the groundwork for more effective ministry in the future.

As we upgraded it, we collected some stats since the launch of Project100Million.

  • 228,570 inquirers are in the system (people who have written to us, responding from evangelism sites)
  • 318,776 messages from connectors and inquirers
  • 243 countries and territories were represented among the inquirers
  • We have had inquirers from each of the 29 AGWM areas:
    • Africa: Central Africa: 21007
    • Africa: East Africa & Indian Ocean Basin: 26324
    • Africa: South Africa: 12470
    • Africa: Southern Africa: 12038
    • Africa: West Africa: 12059
    • Antarctic Region: Antarctic Region: 7
    • Asia Pacific: Northern Pacific Rim: 1124
    • Asia Pacific: Pacific Oceania: 3256
    • Asia Pacific: Peninsular Asia: 2246
    • Asia Pacific: Southeast Asia: 33998
    • Eurasia: Central Eurasia: 4016
    • Eurasia: Eurasia Northwest: 469
    • Eurasia: India: 24220
    • Eurasia: Middle East & North Africa: 8275
    • Eurasia: Russia: 338
    • Eurasia: Southern Asia: 3836
    • Europe: Central Europe: 529
    • Europe: Northern Europe: 5012
    • Europe: Southeastern Europe: 499
    • Europe: Southern Europe: 947
    • Europe: Western Europe: 520
    • Latin America & The Caribbean: Andean Region: 10800
    • Latin America & The Caribbean: Caribbean: 5671
    • Latin America & The Caribbean: Central America: 1961
    • Latin America & The Caribbean: Mexico: 1614
    • Latin America & The Caribbean: Southern Cone: 1863
    • North America: North America: 21537
    • Northern Asia: Northern Asia: 5497
    • Unknown: Unknown: 1579

Thank you for all your prayers and support!