You may find believing in God comes naturally. Perhaps you have known Christ for many years or been brought up in the faith. That is not the case for most of our audience in Northern Asia. Although some have religious beliefs, it often isn’t held deeply.

One self-described atheist posted on a forum: “It is true that [in our] culture, unlike cultures influenced by monotheism, does not have the idea of ‘one true god.’” He went on to say that people will sometimes try a worship activity to see if they get some personal benefit from it, but abandon it if their expectations are not met.

One issue we face is that people will “try Jesus” without actually truly believing and repenting. Some ask for blessings, health and material prosperity, as if God were merely their servant to do their bidding. They may think of Jesus as just another ‘god’ to try. We thank God for a person’s interest in Christ, but want to draw them deeper into truly knowing Him.

Deep levels of conversion and discipleship are needed. I need wisdom to create evangelism and discipleship resources that will:

  • Convince atheists that God exists.
  • Present Christ clearly to those with no biblical background.
  • Show people the significance of salvation and how they can respond with a full level of commitment and transformation.

With a clear understanding and demonstration of the Gospel, many people will give their life to Christ. Please pray with us that we can clearly communicate this truth. Thank you!