An 18 year old, whom I’ll call Chuck*, has been writing to our team. In his first note, he vented his rage toward his family. He recalled a manic episode in which he beat his grandmother and nearly strangled her. Needless to say, he has had mental health issues.

Taking our advice to heart, Chuck went to church and prayed. In the midst of worship, he experienced God’s peace and joy. He realized the price Jesus paid at Calvary and felt remorse for his past behavior.
Afterwards Chuck admitted his faults to his grandmother and she forgave him. She isn’t a Christian yet, but she could see the change salvation was working in his life. She also agreed to visit the church with him and hear about God’s grace.

Chuck has improved a lot this year. He is no longer aggressive toward others and has paid attention to his studies. He is learning to rely on God and growing in faith. Recently, he was accepted by a vocational and technical college.

Chuck’s cousins, who are Christians, also played a role in his salvation. While spending a few days at their house last summer, he discovered for the first time what a warm, caring family looked like. He saw genuine humility and goodness. Later he said, “I think that it is the Spirit of God and the Savior Jesus that has come upon their family!”

Please pray that Chuck will continue to grow in righteousness and be strong in his faith when he goes to college. He still has some struggles to overcome.

* Chuck is a pseudonym