Important Notice:  TntConnect no longer supports updating Donor/Gift info by file import. The DonorImport utility will only work with older versions of TntConnect.  See details here.

What is DonorImport?

DonorImport is created to serve missionaries in the Assemblies of God. DonorImport is a script which converts Cash Receipt data files into a format compatible with TntConnect, a free donor management program available at

Our script supports the CSV format Cash Receipts data files included with AGWM monthly statements or daily donation activity reports.  (Note: We recommend that data files included with monthly statements only be used for past historical data).

Using DonorImport will allow you to see your donations in a human-readable format in TntConnect. Even better, TntConnect can automatically alert you any time you receive a special gift from a supporter!

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.

Current version: 1.3.02
May 9, 2019


DonorImport is available for FREE. We only ask for your email address to communicate about major changes. We aim to:

  • Keep DonorImport compatible with future releases of TntConnect, Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Provide updates for DonorImport to accomodate any changes in the AGWM file format. 

Is it easy to use?

DonorImport is drag-and-drop. The script will convert a “.csv” donation file from AGWM that is dropped onto its icon. The converted file can then be synced with a TntConnect database. DonorImport works anywhere TntConnect works.

Quick Start videos

#1  Pre-sync backup

#2  Initial sync

Quick Start page
More help for DonorImport is available here…


The DonorImport script was developed in Perl 5 by Michael Bates, Jordan Boland, and Dan Guenther. The script is a free service for Assemblies of God missionaries.

¹DonorImport is not affiliated with TntWare