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DonorImport Read Me file
Detailed instructions for using DonorImport.
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In a nutshell

The script will convert a “.csv” donation file from AGWM that is dropped onto its icon. The process generates a new “.tntdatasync” file which appears in the same folder as the original CSV file. This file can be imported into TntConnect via the menu “Tools: Update Donor/Gift Info from File…”

AGWM Statement Types

  • Monthly report:  Cash Receipts report included with your personal statement sent at the close of each month
  • Daily updates:   New Commitment and Donation Activity Reports, sent periodically throughout the month as new gifts are received

Monthly cash receipt reports give a “summary” of donation activity, combining multiple donations from a single donor into one gift. Daily Donation Activity Reports have greater detail, providing the most complete picture of giving activity.

Do not import both monthly and daily files for the same month into TntConnect, or erroneous duplicate gift entries will appear. This is due to differences in the underlying data provided in the two types of CSV files.

We recommend that monthly CSV files be used for prior months for which you may not daily CSV files available.

Daily Donation Activity reports provide the most details and up-to-date information. These files are cumulative and you receive several of them a month. To ensure all gifts have been imported into TntConnect, it is necessary to sync the final daily file of the month. You may optionally sync other mid-month daily files as often as you wish to import the most recent donation activity as it occurs. However, please remember to sync the final daily file as well.  Due to processing delays, the final daily file may be received a few days after the next month has begun. (For example, the last February file might be sent on March 3rd).

Technical support

Feel free to contact us if you need help in using DonorImport to convert your AGWM CSV files. Also, if you think you have encountered a software bug which may affect other users of DonorImport, please contact us with a description of the problem (and a screenshot if possible). We will do our best to fix the issue and release an updated version.

We do not provide technical support for using TntConnect. Please visit their forums for help.

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End User License Agreement

DonorImport is provided “as is” with no warranty. Use the software at your own risk and always back up your data!

DonorImport was created under the Gnu Public License and the source code (available here) must be distributed with attribution under the most recent GPL.

Copyright © 2018 Michael Bates


Mac OS X:  Drag DonorImport to any place on your hard drive. The program icon must be accessible for drag-and-drop, such as on the Desktop or in a support raising folder.

Windows:  Download the setup file and install it. Install DonorImport by running the setup file.

Mac OS X 10.8 64-bit, Windows 7

Quick Start videos

#1  Pre-sync backup

#2  Initial sync