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Scripture Letters

This is a Scripture memorization tool showing the first letters of each word. See introduction

Note: Due to API changes, only the ESV version is currently available. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Examples: John 1, Ps. 23, 1 Cor 13:1-13 (One chapter maximum)
To distinguish letters and full-text sections
Initial Letters font style
Verses font style


Scripture Letters is a tool that aids in memorizing passages and entire chapters of the Bible. It generates a page showing the first letters of each word in a Bible passage. These letters can then help jog your memory to help you recall a verse.

For example, the letters:
F G s l t w"

help you remember:
"For God so loved the world"

This works best if you simply read the passage aloud using the letters as an aid. Note: Don't try to memorize the letters themselves. With time, you should become more familiar with the passage and no longer have to rely on the letters.

Absorbing God's Word and letting it penetrate your heart can help bring spiritual insight and life transformation. I encourage users to let this activity be a personal conversation with God rather than a mere mechanical recitation to achieve a memory goal.


Available versions are listed here.

Alternate Row Shading

This allows you to set a background color for the rows containing the complete verse text. It can help you distinguish between the two sections.

Advanced Options

  • Red Letters: This displays the words of Jesus in red letters when the Bible version data supports it.
  • ALL CAPS: This displays the initial letters text in all capital letters.
  • Group letters & verses separately: This shows the entire passage as initial letters first, followed by the passage as original text below. (As opposed to alternating between letters and text with each verse).
  • Headings in letters: Section headings are shown in the Initial Letters text (default). For example, the section heading at the beginning of John 2 is “Miracle at Cana”.
  • Headings in verses: Displays section headings in the verse text.
  • Letters & Verses Font: The font style of the initial letters and full-text verse sections. You may wish to change the appearance of the font styles as Monospace, Serif, or Sans-Serif .

Known Issues:

Section headings are grouped with either the preceeding verse or following verse in some translations. You can turn off headings if you find it distracting. Also, Scripture Letters does not display headings for the ESV text.


If you have any questions or comments, you may contact me by clicking here. If you encounter a problem, please include the passage reference and Bible version name.


Special thanks is given to the American Bible Society for making many Bible versions available through the Bibles.org API. Likewise, special thanks is given to Crossway for providing the ESV version through their API. All Bible texts are copyrighted by the indicated copyright holders.

Scripture Letters: © 2018-2023 Michael Bates.